Dreaming of Fridays

Hey Everyone

What are your plans for the weekend? I have none I am backed up in work so yay! lol I have to go out to actually get work done. A power breakfast I am having at the moment , lets see if I will get motivated. Good news is that I have great links for you.

This shop goes up to a US (very important) J cup. I was happy until I forgot to read that little part smh man lol

Leap Day YAY

Iphone and Blackberry

Cute Commercial

My song lyrics for the not Korean speaking inclined that ask what I am singing.

My shoes glow in the dark ( I picked the flower ones)

Until next week be easy and safe. xx

Tofu Scrambled Eggs

Yes you read it correct! I am sharing my take on this dish. Here’s a little background info, if you are Vegan or just a lover of tofu( like me) try this recipe and tweak each ingredient to make sure that it turns out the best texture and taste that fits your needs. If you know me, I have allergies, extremely bad and the doctors think that I have a gluten sensitivity so I try to lower my take in it or not use it all together; and find cool, quick-ish recipes that taste great.

Tofu Scrambled Eggs



Vegan, Gluten Free

1 package of organic, cubed tofu

1/4 cup of Chickpea flour/ (Cornmeal if you don’t have that and do not have a problem with non vegan ingredients and or gluten) ( be very careful not to use too much)


1/2 cup of Hot/Spicy/Sweet Mustard (wet)

1/2 cup of Sriracha Sauce


  • Drain tofu by placing a paper towel or cloth and something heavy on top for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Mix the wet ingredients together and the seasoning.
  • Measure out the chickpea flour/cornmeal
  • Add tofu with wet and then dry ingredients.
  • Mix very well
  • Preheat a shallow frying pan on medium-high
  • Proceed to cook like scrambled eggs.

Dreaming of Fridays ( two weeks ago)

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Hi all!!!

I am on time woot! I also want to say its time to get ready for the snow storm over here in the east coast! Ah its great to be home. My first big snow in almost two years I do not know how to act! I have some links for you to enjoy over the snowy weekend if you in my neck of the woods or just in general. Whatever you do this weekend be safe and have fun!

Part- Time Blogger Tips

How to take a hint on improving your health from your furbaby

SweetGreen has a new APP

My guide to cheap DC eats. I have to say these are spot on. I should of did a post about these places.

Newsletter that I am reading atm.

As you may already know theres a storm coming. I hope so its fun to chill out and play games. Heres a list of things via Apartment Therapy/The Kitchin ( I may have or not have gotten , but I made sure my adorable niece has her things also.)

Be safe, ( I heard its going to be more snow than I thought)

Coffee Confessionals ( Coffee around the world)

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Hi guys, since it’s another snow day so I wanted to shoot a post your way.

I have to admit, I love coffee. Yes I know old news, but really I love it. And mom may think that giving me coffee very young ( and my own porcelain cup) was a bad thing; but she did the right thing. Coffee is a staple in my life and I enjoy writing this blog and sharing sources and insight with you.

Between my Bloomberg/TV online binges, tech,flight, stocks and fashion tabs that take up too much ram on my laptop;I always stumble across a article or in this case a whole section dedicated to coffee.

Tasting Table is a great site when it comes to conventional and unconventional ( my favorite part) ways to look at food and make food.

But the link above is all about coffee. I am so excited to scroll and click,save,wish, sip my extra hot late and scroll again. One post I will lightly touch on because seriously, who doesn’t want to know about how to order coffee around the world.

Just imagine being on the beach in Miami, and ordering a “cubano” which is a reality for this City goer changed Miami bae. As soon as I get off of the plane at MIA I am suddenly a Miami bae.

( I made that up) I go to my new coffee spot and order my strong but very sweet fix. Swimsuits and strong sweet coffee, whats not to love?

Or being back home and visiting friends who pour a very dark, rich coffee from a tiny pot or seeing another friend where I currently live at 11am to have a coffee ceremony. (Oh! and don’t get me started on Vietnamese ice coffee.) Whether its Turkish or Ethiopian coffee, the smell and taste are set apart from each other.

Though this has to be the longest post I have done for this particular blog, I have to run! Stay caffeinated and let me know your favorite drink to order or you would like to order from this article.

On Holiday( Via my blogspot blogs)

Hey everyone

I am on holiday until the new year! I cant wait for a new year of new post, colabs and hopefully less sad events. Though we can not predict these, we can pray for better, until then, be easy, sip more coffee and lets look back on some highlights of my many adventures.

A hard day in the Cat Parent World

My first guest blogger ( many to come next year)

Until next year, be safe and I cant wait for a year of new adventures.

Sad News

Hi everyone I want to say that I will be on bereavement for a few weeks. Its been a long week for me and finally yesterday I had to say goodbye to my oldest furbaby Izzy. I am to pieces and I need to collect my thoughts. Bella and I are very happy that family and friends are being so supportive. Its only her and I now. I tell people its very hard losing a family member. Furry or not they are your family what makes up your family. I am so blessed to have had her and she came to me when I was so down. I love her and will never ever forget her. I wrote about what happened bellow.

Thank you


                                          A picture last week before she was sick

* RIP Miss Izzabella-Ka Sawyer I wanna say thanks to all the heart felt words from everyone. I’m so attached to my two cats it’s breaking my heart that I lost one. It’s hard being alone, family four hours away each direction, working a lot and finishing two degrees. I held on as much as I could but when they did cpr on her and I was crying and just to pieces the nurses or doctors couldn’t calm me but suddenly she opened her eyes and calmed me by cleaning me. I stopped crying instantly and everyone in the room started to cry. I knew then that she was telling me that she was ok with leaving and Bella-Tomo and me would be ok without her. She was 14 my feisty little girl. I see she made the final decision again. I respected her wishes. I’m going to be ok. It will just take a while.