Friday Finds

Hey everyone

I am posting this a day earlier beause of being the busy babe that I am , will not have the time to tomorrow. So,what is everyones weekend plans? Me? eh I am a week away from being closer to 30 and also my little blog party for my other two blogs. I wanted to have a big one, but that will be maybe next year. Dont worry I will share some pictures up here and yet again some changes. I hope for the good. Oh and speaking of good, I have a new nephew!! hes so sweet!  I have to take pictures of him as I do the others and just be glad that hes not mine and he will go home lol Ah the joys of not having kids. lol  Until then, heres what I found around the web.

I want to move back up to New Jersey, Edgewater to the exact maybe because of this supermarket

FKA Twigs is too beautiful, yet another work of art

NY Times dinning index enough said

A pop up vietnamese joint, cant wait to go back to SF.

A cool tech article in the WSJ

Another techie article in the WSJ which had me thinking….

Last but not least, 10 great LA date ideas ( I’ll just keep that over here *stuffs in bra*)



Until next week, a picture of my fur kids, who are the cutest ever!!


Friday Finds

Hey everyone!!

                                    *my daily view commuting*

I am just too through with homework and I am tired sitting here, But! I have some fun links and interesting links that has taken a liking to me and my bookmarks. Until next week, enjoy!

If you have a hair personality identy crisis from time to time like I do this article about hair stigmas will sound too famiar.

Natural prodcuts at times can confuse you, some work and others dont, but this video on DYI deodorant is for you. I am so glad to have seen this!


I am hungry so this mussel dish is on point

I think that the New Yorkers’ Bar Tab editorials are not only wittily made but on point.

Food 52 has an articel that makes a lot of sense to me. I think at times I am a little too free with leaving things that have milk in it out.

Last but not least, a very bittersweet article .

Until next week enjoy!

A foodie review

I did a review of my favorite pickles. Okay well one of the three I love to eat. Enjoy!!

Originally submitted at Dean & DeLuca

These are the ultimate pickle lover’s pickles. Made by hand according to Great Grandma McClure’s original spicy pickle recipe, they’re layered with whole garlic cloves and dill for tangy, delicious, all-natural, old-fashioned flavor. And, boy, do they crunch! Trust us, you’re going to love these.

Great Snack

By Mikikoftokyo from DC/NYC on 5/18/2015
5out of 5

Pros: Flavorful

Best Uses: Pasta, Gifts, Dipping, Sandwiches, Salads

Describe Yourself: Foodie

Its a great snack. Not only does the taste of garlic is very even with the overall taste of the acidity pickle, its not overwhelming and great to put in salads and such. I just eat them whenever and I always buy two because guest love to taste them also.

* The review is based on personal consumption of the product. I was not paid to write this review.*

Happy Earth Day

Hey everyone,

I am a bit behind on this blog and about two weeks behind on my other two blogs, but I want to keep things current, so I am catching up today , since it is the only free time I will have for about a week and a half. I will share the suprise with you later, and dont worry I am not stopping my blogs !!! I will tell you very soon. Okay this one is back on earth day posted via my other two blogs.

* Post from Earth Day 2015*

I don’t know how long I have been doing this , but Happy Earth Day!!!!

I am huge on helping the earth that god has blessed us to live upon.

From the green trees and grass, to the blue and different color oceans; and the life in them.

So this year I want to show some of the most beautiful places I have been too.

 Because this year, I have learned to be grateful of what I came from and you that you come to miss things like rain when you move far away. I realize it and I hope to remember this whenever I move back across country.

 One other thing, its not just the earth, its the things you use in life. Like net and shopping bags. I myself have them both and use them though this state isn’t big on it.

 Eating, planting and making sustainable food is one too. Also buying it. Because you must take into consideration that some things are not plentiful. Even certain sushi kinds!!!!!

What do you do to help the environment and help slow down Global Warming?