Ethiopian Honey Wine (via Emikos Unexplained Thoughts blog)

I have this  thing for honey wine. So much so that I drink three cups every time I get a chance. Its something about the sweet tones of golden goodness. Not to mention the after taste. I am a mess I know but have a cup and you will be thanking me. I have been drinking it for a while. When I was back home in the east, I stopped in and had a cup while waiting for lunch and him and I would wait and go out and have a few cups. It was fun, I cant get that here but I can get honey wine here. See ?

Lol until next time , be easy enjoy a cup of wine ( in moderation of course)

Road Trip (Vegas) Via Emikos Unexplained Blog

This is from my other blogs. Hope you enjoy!!

Yes you read the title correct, it was a very sudden thing to drive, I was insisting on flying, then I thought about using that money to have fun with, so I decided to drive. It was so different, but I am glad that I took the trip. I had fun and I realized a lot of things about myself and also that I will be okay. I will visit one more time before I depart from the west. Without further ado, here are photos!! I didn’t take much of me. Just one I was so into the lights and sounds.

                Just getting to Nevada

           Luxor (where I stayed)

              Excalibur ( had an arcade)

       The bottom show is be-boyin’ awesomeness

                    Both are from a  buffet

         He plays at MGM Grand Hotel

                  New York New York Hotel

                   I was cold so I had my sweater on lol

                                                32 oz of greatness

                                              My time went back and hour

Eurodance and Ethiopian

Hey everyone

I am stopping my Eurodance hour  to tell you guys that I found an Ethiopian restaurant. I am not only happy but tears came to my eyes when I found out its about 12 minuets from me. It is in the college district and I am happy because I love to go for lunch and I have been twice. I took pics , I had to show everyone. I still miss home but this will have to do. One other thing I bought earrings while I was drinking coffee and waiting on my lunch.

  These earrings are so cute.They are made in Ethiopia from wonderful woman who are single moms. They are also small business owners , and I say support them. We all need a helping hand , and I look good doing it 

Here are the food photos. I ate it so fast, I was looking around for more. So I had to go the next day. Lol I am glad that Yelp! helped with this. I will be giving great ratings. Once again I am so glad that I found places that remind me of what I am used to. Yes they are a ride and I have to make plans to visit but its fine. Its all part of change. Until I am back east, I will make due with what I have,and take this as a learning curve that I am trying to adjust to. 

National Espresso Day ( Via Coffeehouse Confessional Blog)

Hey Everyone

I had to do this before my day was out ( time zone) and I am glad that I know about this day, not only because I love espresso,it is because of all of the cool deals. For example Au Bon Pain has 1.99 espresso drinks everyday now, hey I cant wait to move back so I can enjoy my double shot. What is your favorite espresso drink? I love affragatos. I cant get enough.

For those who are new to the world of coffee , or fellow coffee drinkers who want to experiment, here is  a little background based on common knowledge on my part. Espresso is compressed coffee made by forcing steam through when making. So its coffee brewed by being forced with boiling water, therefore creating the pressure mentioned. If you ever sat in a coffee shop and watched them make it , its just as stated. You have to see it for yourself to even get the concept and as always I have nothing but love for my fellow baristas. As you see above I have gathered some of my fav espresso pics.I went back about 3 years, so its from three years until a few weeks ago. I need a cup now…….

Enjoy and drink more Espresso!!!!!

A quick catch up

Hey all

I’m in bed doing a post to simply catch up on this blog. Since it’s not a main one I do forget to update. But don’t worry I’m not far. Anyway, I will post stuff from other blog up here. As soon as I get time to think I got you all!!! What have we been doing ?

Oh nothing posing for pics and bella is sleeping as you see below. Man at times you just have to chill and enjoy the freedoms of typing and sharing a smiling face , I hope you enjoy this and be easy stress can put age on you. I hope not for me I look not a day older than 18 add ten years in real life lol

Until next time xxxxx